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Sydney, Australia
June 2012
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Founded in 2012, Injoylabs is an indie game studio based in Sydney Australia, specialising in mobile games!

Our mission is to master the mobile space and become leading experts in innovative mobile game design and monetisation.

We have published 3 titles so far - Draw A Box, Cell Surgeon and Hungry Pets being our 3rd game!

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IOS (Iphone & Ipad) & Android
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30th NOV 2017
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About Hungry Pets

Injoylabs releases their 3rd game Hungry Pets! Meet Aphelia Ellis, an aspiring entrepreneur trying to startup her pet care business!

Join her in this unique physics puzzle game that will challenge your logic / problem solving skills and perhaps learn something along the way in terms of what it takes to manage a pet care business!

By drawing lines with your finger, you must guide a barrage of falling pet food into the mouths of hungry pets! Combined with a secondary core mechanic of phone tilting, the phone's gyro is seamlessly integrated with the gameplay to create a truly unique puzzle solving experience!

There's also a voice narrated visual novel to follow along! Never has there been such an in depth storyline attached to a puzzle game. Combined also with a meta-game of company upgrading and a huge array of collectable pets, the game rewards your efforts rather than being another puzzle to puzzle mind-numbing experience.

Game Features

  • Draw lines to guide falling food into the mouths of all the hungry pets!
  • Tilt your phone to manilpulate gravity, in this unique "dual core mechanic" gameplay!
  • Challenge your problem solving skills with over 70 levels of physics puzzles!
  • Unlock a huge cast of cute furry animals, from Sir Barksalot the medieval Maltese terrier, to Mr Grumpy, one of internet famous cat memes!
  • Earn money to build your business through finding clients / investors, collecting company revenue and raising capital!
  • Upgrade your company from a humble start up studio to a globally renowned brand!
  • Follow Aphelia's entrepreneurial story with over 20 beautiful comic illustrations, narrated with voice over!

Team / Credits

Carlton Zhu
Carlton Zhu
Creative Director
Lead Developer
Omar Bergonia
Omar Bergonia
2D Art Director
Myles Blasonato
Myles Blasonato
Script Writer
for the Visual Novel
Darren Marlar
Darren Marlar
Voice Actor
Mr Cocheman, Police, Bart

Pierre Duyker
Pierre Duyker
Audio Director
Composer / SFX
Earl Vicente
Earl Vicente
Assistant Developer
Level Designer
Adriana Beals
Adriana Beals
Voice Actress
Aphelia Ellis
Tamara Ryan
Tamara Ryan
Voice Actress
Grandma, Boyd, Abigail


Commissioned Fanart by Larienne

Hungry Pets - Aphelia Ellis in Suburbville
Hungry Pets - Aphelia Ellis in Tropicapolis
Hungry Pets - Aphelia Ellis in Big City
Hungry Pets - Aphelia Ellis in Sky Rose
Hungry Pets - Aphelia Ellis in Winter Way
Hungry Pets - Aphelia Ellis in Dream Tower

In-Game Screenshots

Hungry Pets Gameplay Screenshot  Suburbville
Hungry Pets Gameplay Screenshot Tropicapolis
Hungry Pets Gameplay Screenshot Big City
Hungry Pets Gameplay Screenshot SkyRose
Hungry Pets Gameplay Screenshot WinterWay
Hungry Pets Gameplay Screenshot Dream Tower
Hungry Pets - Level Select - Suburbville
Hungry Pets - Level Select - Tropicapolis
Hungry Pets - Level Select - Big City
Hungry Pets - Level Select - Skyrose
Hungry Pets - Level Select - Winterway
Hungry Pets - Level Select - Dream Tower
Hungry Pets - Aphelia's Pet Care Company Building
Hungry Pets - Pet Clients
Hungry Pets - Pet Shop, Buying Pets
Hungry Pets - Visual Novel - Aphelia In Trouble

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